Monday, January 24, 2011

Stomach Flu in the HOUSE.

Both the kidlets had the stomach flu this weekend. It was pretty bad. brought back memories of course. I sat with each of them around the clock. wretching every hour sometimes 3 times an hour. I held their heads and hair. Brought out the cold cloth and then the warm cloth. Crosby(2yrs) was amazing, she moaned and whined a bit just before every puking episode. Then dropped to the pillow and rested. Lily was a bit more needy or in need of moms love. She wanted me to hold her head, rub her back, get her hair and wipe her face between the wretching. It was my pleasure. Then she would say I am so glad you can take care of me. You are the best mom in the whole world. So sweet and gentle. My heart sure broke every pukey episode. It was a preview of what might come for me when THE test shows positive. I asked them both if they were going to take care of me when its my turn. They nodded. Only time will tell;)

That brings me to the pregnancy that we are hoping and working for asap.IT didnt take first month of trying. I assume because of the build up and stress of the holidays. The pressing visits, the gift finding, the awful amounts of food consumed at each venue. There was nothing awful about the food, it was all divine. Just the amount of food I personally was able to consume with considerable breaks. LOL. It was a great Christmas and New Year.  We are actively working at getting prego and hope to see results soon. Until then, life as usual. Crossfit in the morning for mommy, walk Lily to school, a run during Crosbys naptime and the usual funtimes at night. Homework at 415 Mon-Thur. Mon. Piano 630. Tue. BBall 630. Wed. Pick Up at 345, Speed School, 430. Thur Same. 345 pick up, Speed School 430. FREE FRIDAY for the kids, with Daddy home from work. I work from 10-230. Then movie night and pizza unless invitation to something. All the while practising, trying, working at the baby making.

Good Times. NO pressure no stress. Just living. With the progesterone Im sure the stress will be minimal and the pressure will not press. Ha.

Have a great week everyone. 


  1. Sorry everyone is sick. I just found your blog. Going to browse through. Do you like cross-fit? I've been wanting to do it, but I was wondering if I would loose too much weight before possibly TTC. A lot of HG women try to gain weight before they get pregnant. What kind of results have you gotten. Do you try to eat paleo too?

  2. thank you. i am a crossfit junky. i believe in the crossfit methodology and have experienced dynamic results in strength and endurance. i wouldnt say im crossFit yet but i wanna be. i havent fully given up comfort foods as of yet.

    i subscribe to crossfit journal and listen to crossfit podcasts 3x a week. its awesome info and education. just checking in keeps me sane, even when i am unable to maintain a true crossfit schedule.

    with baby number two i gained ten pounds before we got pregnant. having the picc available this time & being able to have zofran, allowed me to eat a little everyday so the ten pounds wasnt extremely helpful. this time around i have a base weight im maintaining it is about 10 lbs more than my norm, but less bodyfat% & more lean muscle. we currently do crossfit 4 days a week at 5am.

    my plan is to continue until i am unable. it can only help & to pick up where i leave off if in fact i experience same symptoms as bb1 & bb2.

    we have slowly been working at changing the whole house to paleo. its a tough go; getting the bread out. im confident we will get there. it is fun to educate the kidlets and they do understand the WHY; it is cause for many questions every meal and or snack and their wants have changed. its apples instead of fruit roll ups or; as grandma has; lunchables(i do not like these at all)

    hope this helps. keep in touch, its great to have a sister in HG and in CROSSFIT.