Saturday, January 8, 2011


While waiting for a positive result my mind has been racing. I cannot even imagine what it must be like for those of you out there who have difficulty getting pregnant. Waiting months even years. My heart goes out to you.

I have taken a few steps to quiet my mind.  I have been reading books specifically about the benefits of sleep and the nourishment we all get in that time of needed rest. I am grateful for the people who write about such a thing. I would not have thought about it, probably. SARK writes books dedicated souly to The Art of Napping. Its great. Really brings about a whole new line of thinking. She asks what the readers beliefs are about napping. I use naptime to catch up, well i use to. Crosby goes down for a nap, I get to work. The truth is I want to nap, need to but really hate the messes and unorganization. UGH. I have mucho guilt about it when i do therefore stress. WTH. Guilt for a healthy nourishment the BodyMind gulps up if given the chance. No more guilt.

The other book I am reading called Positive Energy, is about energy psychology. She dedicates a chapter to sleep nourishment. I immediately began planning our bedtimes so that we all get at least 8 hours of sleep. Its that important. I will post the stats I have found on stress, illness and lack of sleep in Americans particularly.

 The incredible energy derived from a brief power nap as opposed to NO nap. Its eye opening. Like I said I appreciate the awakening in regard to sleep and its importance. So Hopefully I can add value to your day by giving you some gems along the way about sleep, its nourishment and necessity and NAPTIME, that I have come across. 

So the goal now is quality sleep time. I moved the furniture around according to a feng shui  article I read. Our bed now faces north. This changed the energy in the room a great deal. We have begun playing self hypnosis cds at bedtime. The one I chose is specific to healthy body. Neither of us has slept so well in a very long time. Its like a drugged sleep... almost.ONLYL BETTER. The side effect is more energy. Its recharging.

I am using hypnosis for the pregnancy in sickness and in labor so why not use it now for sleep. Its awesome. If you dont believe in or fear hypnosis, do some research its probably not what you thought anyway. Its brilliant and logical and refreshing. If you have trouble sleeping and still do not try this non invasive method of assistance, shame on you. It will change your life. Your HEALTH matters, to you, to your family and to the future of both. Now go get some sleep. 

I dedicate today to GUILTLESS NAPPING. Have a good one.

Here is a link to my friend Jessica who does Hypnotherapy in the Boise Valley. She is an incrediblle lady with a passion for helping you get the results you are looking for, with a gentle and healing manner. Check it out. 

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