Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Its so exciting working on, testing, planning for babies. I forget the euphoria that comes with it all. Anyway. I may be imagining things, but i just feel different. So soon, i know wild. I may be wrong but I betchya its a done deal.

Heres a thought. So we have done much research on HOW TO MAKE A BOY. Ha. I am amused by all the thoughts advice and theories. Not opposed to doing any and all. However I was thinking yesterday, that the little spirit is already waiting. He/she has been there all along, so if you are working at making a certain sex, does that mess with the balance or is it planned by us. LOL. Is it like spinning the sperm to get the sex you want? Hmm just wondering. I had never really thought of it til yesterday. Thought it was perfectly logical to work at one sex. Now Im not so sure. I never thought spinning the sperm was a good idea, but hear people are doing it. Ha. Think on that.

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