Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The JoyFilled Wait

         I may have overcome the anxiety of being nauseous for now. I think about it daily but not in the way you would think. Nope. Me and Eric have been discussing this time I may be hybernating as a nourishing time, a break of sorts from any stress or obligation. 
Originally, before children I had thought that pregnancy would be my bon bon time. Kick back nourish and care for me and my body. No stress no pressure. HG quickly changed those plans. However, the more I ponder the WHOLE thing. It really is a time for reflection and a break from kamikazi mom. I seem to be the disciplinary or the bad guy. I dont mind. But lately the books i have been reading have really got me thinking about my hormonal imbalances and the fact my family puts up with me. Its part hormone haze and part genetic or family FOG. I am double whammified. Therefore so is the fam. My husband is amazing really. I give him such a difficult time most of the month, i have about 4 good days a month that are most excellent for all. Anyway, my point is that i have been working at healing these places in myself so that we can have peace all together. 

The bioidentical progesterone was a Godsend. But not the cure. Getting pregnant was and is going to be a relief where hormones are concerned. Seems at 20 weeks(after ive lost 20lbs and hurfed up a lung:) I am in peak condition, mentally, hormonally, & spiritually. So this first few months of mommy in the closet getting through HG will be a great break for all. Yes i will be hurfing a lot of the time but no-stress hurfing. Ha. Sounds crazy I know. IT has been very fun waking up the creative juices and finding the good in all of this HG business. YES we get the best gift of all at 40 weeks but the other good stuff that comes with it as well. 

I am anxious for the positive result and ready to get this party started. LOL. 

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