Thursday, December 9, 2010

i was just thinkin.

wouldnt it be nice to be able to listen to music in peak HG. i could put together a very healing set filled with music by friends and favorites now n past. well it could happen. ha. today i am printing an alkaline food list. i hear female spern live in more acidic environment. so eric you are gonna have to cut back on the hersheys kisses for a bit. sorry hun, its not forever.

im not so anxious today. more at ease knowing everything is going according to plan. still get a bit queasy every once in a while remembering and knowing what is to come.

Some are prolly thinking well thats a negative attitude. Just assuming youll be sick. You may just be that guy that brings me ginger and saltines after ive lost 20 lbs. lol.

Came across a HG blog today called youeatanf......ncracker. cracked me up. The one thing you never say to a woman who has been hurfing for weeks, not eatin, cant chug water and has lost 20lbs is Have you tried ginger or saltines. Ha. i can tell they or we have tried it all. oh wait i mean the picc was our first line of defense.  All kidding aside this is why I am doing a video blog, so all of you that are taking my word that i get real sick can see for yourself what all these woman endure to grow healthy baby.

100 years ago we would all be dead. That is crazy. Anway, just thinkin today. hope you are al making today a great day.

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