Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Baby #3 VS. Hyperemesis Gravidarum

    Havent conceived bb#3 yet. Fertile Christmas week. Wahoo. ....sort of. I am a bit anxious at the thought of being so sick again but at the same time I maintain a positive outlook that maybe just maybe this time will be different, better.
     I begin this blog today because I am going to video and blog my HG experience this time around from beginning to beginning, no matter how bad it gets. I say beginning to beginning because today would be the beginning as HG sets in it seems like the end and as the HG tapers off it is a new beginning and so on. I am as prepared as one can be knowing what may lie ahead.
     I have had friends and family asking if it is real and wanting to see for themselves. Unable to fathom the amount of agony i describe and that I would do it over again, again.
    We are attempting to plan it so much better this time. Hopefully a Nanny to help with Lily and Crosby. A mealtrain or organized frozen meals for the family and a doctor that is familiar with my situation.
    There are several resources out there for families, friends, and physicians reguarding HG yet, women still go un diagnosed and untreated till they have reached dangerous dehydration and lost a ton of weight. It is not treated seriously, soon enough by physicians who have not encountered this dis-ease before.
I will add many links to other survivors of the illness and their, traumatic and successful stories.
    One day i will share my first two experiences with HG but for now its all roses. OPK tests begin nearing Christmas if all goes as per usual we shall be well on our way to HG baby #3.

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